Doctors Prices

Medical charges

We are confident that our fees fairly reflect the quality of the service we deliver, the expertise of our doctors and our medical laboratory support.

You can pay for consultations or treatment as and when you need them which will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered, and you’ll always be able to get a consultation with one of our doctors, as well as saving on any further treatments you may require.


Medical Consultation with Dr Andrew Williams£130.00
Medical Consultation with Dr Yvonne Juhasz£75.00
Telephone advice £47.50
Palliative care and dignity therapy £130.00
Standard health check £200.00
Comprehensive medical £450.00
Referral letter ++ £30.00
Dressings £79.00
Consultation and blood taking £145.00
PCV, Taxi or OFSTED Health Reports (Childminders etc) £145.00
ECG £125.00
Skin Health Clinic consultation with Nurse Practitioner£55.00
Simple skin lesion removal from£200.00
Skin Biopsies from£200.00
Ear syringing per visit£130.00
Covid Antibody Test£80.00
Instant HIV Test£79.00
Smears from£169.00
Smears with Cytology£319.00
Full SHS (HIV/Hep B/Hep C/Syphylis/Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea)£349.00
STD Bloods£249.00
Multiplex HIV/Hep B/Hep C£299.00
Additional Bacterial Swab for MC&S£75.00
Additional Herpes Swab£111.00

* The numbers of consultations free per year will depend on the plan selected.
** One standard health check per year is included in both the care and membership plans.
++ Fees will also be charged for the consultation time.
Consultations lasting an hour will be charged £200.

charges for medical diagnostics

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Lung spirometry£94.00£84.60

charges for vaccinations

Hepatitis A (per unit) Adult and Junior £45.00
Hepatitis B (per visit - 3 required) Adult and Junior £40.00
Combined Hepatitis A/B (per unit) Adult and Junior £65.00
Typhoid £45.00
Malarone anti-malarial tablets £45.00
Anti-malarial tablets (paediatric) £45.00
Combined Hep A/Typhoid £121.75
Japanese Encephalitis £100.00
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Adult £100.00
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Junior £65.00
Shingles £195.00

charges for childhood immunisations and tests

HPV (Gardasil - 3 dose course) £470.00
Strep B testing in pregnancy (after 35 weeks) £45.00

Meet the Doctors

  • Doctor

    Dr Andrew Williams

    MB BS MRCGP Dip Pall Med

    “The care and well being of all my patients is my number one priority”. A consultation with Dr Andrew Williams is £130

  • Doctor

    Dr Yvonne Catherine Juhasz

    MA MB.BChir (Cantab) DFFP, MRCGP

    Private GP appointments to both corporate and self-funding clients, including the provision of general medical services to both adults and children, sexual health screening, well-person assessments, medical assessments for visa, insurance and other purposes, travel vaccination services, and the provision of telephone advice. 

    Areas of special interest include women’s health and dermatology. A consultation with Dr Yvonne Juhasz is £75

  • Advanced Nurse Practioner

    Caroline Wynne-Jones

    RN MSc BA(Hons) Dip CC NMP

    Caroline is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the NHS.

    Caroline specializes in providing travel vaccinations, child and adult immunizations, medical health checks, blood tests, wound management, contraceptive implants, ECG’s, minor skin surgery.

  • Dietitian

    Lucy Diamond

    BSc RD.

    Lucy is our caring and experienced nutritionist.