• July 21 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    Understanding Dental Pain: The Most Common Causes of Toothaches

    Toothaches are one of the most painful things that a person may experience. Ask anyone you know, and all of them would answer the very same thing; none of them would want to experience toothaches ever again! So is it any wonder why everyone’s always brushing their teeth? It’s because they want to avoid cavities—which…

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  • July 09 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    All About Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

    If you’ve got damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, dental implants are your best bet at restoring your teeth and bringing more confidence to your smile. They’re designed to resemble and function like your natural teeth with added reinforcement, which means they aren’t vulnerable to disease or decay. For this reason, they’re an excellent solution for…

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  • July 05 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    Sedation Dentistry 101: How Does This Benefit You?

    People of all ages always have some sort of fear associated when going to the dentist, leading to fewer dental visits and a greater decline in oral health when problems are left untreated. Pain is often the fear of many when it comes to dentist visits, but fortunately, one can eliminate pain through sedation dentistry. …

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