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Dentist Prices

New Patient offer: £110.00
We currently have a new patient offer for your first appointment, which includes a iTERO 3D scan of your teeth so we can really see what is going on. This price also includes a consultation with our treatment coordinator who will listen to what you want to achieve.

CLEAN teeth, STRAIGHT teeth, WHITE teeth, HEALTHY teeth.

Book your first appointment below. We look forward to meeting you!

Treatment charges for healthy teeth

TreatmentPrivate CostDenplan EssentialsDenplan Care
New patient check up including x-rays, iTero 3D scan and 1 free hygienist appointment£110IncludedIncluded
Adult Routine Examination£97IncludedIncluded
Child Routine Examination£52.50IncludedIncluded
Student Routine Examination£77
Specialist Consultation£130£130£130
Adult Check up Digital X Ray
(Digital radiography, reducing radiation by as much as 80 percent.
Child Check up digital X Ray£25IncludedIncluded
Adult hygiene appointment£112IncludedIncluded
Child hygiene appointment£55IncludedIncluded
Airflow stain removal£25£25Included
Root surface removal of bacterial toxins (Perio)£150£150£150
Teeth whitening at home£300£180£180
Teath whitening In practice £450£350£350
Whitening top-up gels£55
Fissure sealant£7510% offIncluded
Sports mouth guard£24510% off£80


Treatment charges for straight teeth

TreatmentPrivate costDenplan Essentials Denplan Care
Adult consultation with an Orthodontic Consultant£95
Child consultation with an Orthodontic Consultant£55
Itero scan, notes and Panoral X-Ray£130
Child metal (upper & lower)From £2,995
Child metal single arch (upper or lower)From £2000
Adult metal (upper & lower) From £3750
Adult metal single arch (upper or lower)From £2750
InvisalignFrom £3250
Specialist Invisalign£4000
Fixed bonded wire (per arch)£32510% off10% off
Removable bracesFrom £1500
Functional appliancesFrom £2000


Treatment charges for tooth repair

TreatmentPrivate costDenplan EssentialsDenplan Care
Composite (white) fillingsFrom £290.0010% OffIncluded
Amalgam (metal) fillingsFrom £27410% OffIncluded
GIC fillingsFrom £20010% OffIncluded
Temporary fillings£11010% OffIncluded
Fissure sealant£7510% OffIncluded
Adult tooth extraction£30010% OffIncluded
Baby tooth extraction£15010% OffIncluded
PRF (additional fee implant)£150£150£150
Root canal- Incisor£57510% Off10% Off
Root canal- Premolar£67510% Off10% Off
Root canal-Molar£79510% Off10% Off
Specialist root canal- Incisor£69510% Off10% Off
Specialist root canal- Premolar£79510% Off10% Off
Specialist root canal-Molar£90010% Off10% Off
Re-root canal (additional fee)£11510% Off10% Off
Ceramic crown / Onlay£1050£945£450
Gold crown / Onlay£1395£1255.50£525


Treatment charges for tooth replacement

TreatmentPrivate CostDenplan EssentialsDenplan Care
Fixed bridge (per unit)From £190010% Off£450
Maryland bridgeFrom £105010% Off£450
Acrylic partial dentureFrom £67510% OffFrom £220
Acrylic full denture£109510% Off£380
Chrome partial dentureFrom £165010% OffFrom £550
Chrome full denture£220010% Off£730
Tooth addition£27510% OffFrom £90
Dental implants consultationFreeFreeFree
Implant (per placement)From £3250From £3250From £3250


Charges for other treatment

TreatmentPrivate CostDenplan EssentialsDenplan Care
Adult dental emergency- including x-rays, antibiotics, temp filling£15010% OffIncluded
Child dental emergency- including x-rays, antibiotics, temp filling£7510% OffIncluded
OPG x-ray£110IncludedIncluded
Adult CBCT scan £25010% Off10% Off
Child CBCT scan£11010% Off10% Off


Charges for Facial Aesthetics

TreatmentPrivate cost
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Single Area£225
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Two Areas£290
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Three Areas£350

Patient Voices

I couldn’t have been happier with your surgery and facilities when I came last month – in fact it was the best mornings out I’d had since lockdown began!!! Thank you ALL for being the best Dental Surgery I have ever known!!!
And best wishes to each and every one of you,
Evelyn Snare

ES 08/2020

Private dental care in Petts Wood

H Williams and Associates are a private dentist in Petts Wood, Orpington. A private dental service provides dental care outside of the National Health Service (NHS). Offering a range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. While private dentistry can be more costly than NHS treatment, you have access to more treatment options, flexible appointment times, and receive a higher level of personalized care. Searching for “cheapest private dentist near me” may help you find affordable options close by, but it is important to research and compare prices and services before choosing your dentist.

Upfront dental prices so you don’t get a shock

Dental costs can often come as an unwelcome surprise, especially when you can’t find prices online. At H Williams and Associates clinic, we believe in transparency and honesty, which is why we provide clear and concise pricing for all of our services, including dental cleaning costs, and dental check-up costs. By offering transparent pricing, we hope to alleviate the stress and anxiety that can often accompany dental appointments. If you’re looking for a dental practice that values honesty and transparency, look no further. Contact us to learn more about our upfront dental prices and book your appointment today.

Benefits of paying for a private dentist.

You gain access to higher quality dental treatments and material and more personalized treatment. With a private dentist, you can often choose the dentist you want to see and have more flexibility in scheduling appointments. Private dental practices invest in the latest technology and techniques to provide the best possible care. While you search for “cheapest private dentist near me”, you should know we offer flexible payment options to make dental care more accessible. Get in touch with us today for more information!