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Before & After Pictures

“Finished my orthodontic treatment now, so that calls for a before and after photo! I’m so pleased with the results and can’t believe that I left it this long to get sorted out. It’s never too late! Thanks to H WIlliams I can now smile with confidence. Thank you so much!”

“Absolutely thrilled with my Invisalign treatment. Dr Chris Prange explained everything clearly and took me step by step through the whole process. The Invisalign took just 9 months and I can safely say I smile more confidently now and my daughter said I even look a little younger too! Highly recommended”

“Dr Ahmed El-Angbawi, has straightened both my children teeth with a fixed brace, my son’s teeth are amazing and my daughter is almost at the end of the treatment needed, and the difference is already looking amazing. Ahmed is fantastic, he is patient, thorough and his attention to detail is second to none. The results he as achieved on my children makes me want to get a brace myself! Thank you Ahmed.”

“My new smile makes me want to smile all the time. I feel confident and I believe more in myself.”

“Thank you for my lovely new teeth, the dentist was fantastic, he delivered what he said he would!”

“I am very pleased with my experience when using Invisalign. I understood from the beginning of the treatment that as a patient I would have to be regimental with the trays I was provided and keep them in as long as possible. The benefit of doing it like that resulted in a fantastic outcome and I was completed in approximately 8 months. The length of time you have them for is entirely down to your dedication with them. I would recommend Invisalign 100% as all I get now from friends and family is how straight and white my teeth are.”

“It was my first time using private dental care and I was sceptical about how different the service would be. It definitely did not disappoint, the practice was significantly cleaner and more high-tech than my previous dentists. I had home whitening and 2 composite fillings and each time they were very helpful and thorough. It was a very pleasant experience and I am so happy with the results!.”