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Emergency Dentist

Severe tooth pain can be highly distressing and can indicate that you may have an issue with your teeth that requires immediate attention.

Dental pain can be difficult to ignore, and can ultimately lead to problems in the rest of your life. It can cause headaches, sleepless nights and problems concentrating. Painkillers may work for a while but all too often they only blunt the pain.

If you have ongoing pain in your teeth, then you may need emergency dental treatment.

Dental Emergencies

At H Williams we provide an emergency dental service for our clients. If this is your first time visiting the practice we will require you to fill in some administrative forms, medical history and oral health survey.

Following on from emergency treatment we will then usually book an appointment for further treatment such as an extraction or a root treatment. Prices for further treatment can be found on our website.

An emergency appointment at H Williams is £165 for an adult and £80 for children. It includes:

Service list
  • Clinical examination and dental pain assessment
  • OPG X-rays & radiographs
  • Charting of teeth, examination and diagnosis
  • Itero scan to analyse wear and the position of your teeth
  • Clinical findings assessment and treatment diagnosis
  • A discussion of possible treatments and agreement on a course of action
  • Any emergency treatment to remove the immediate pain.

Dental Emergencies

Many people hesitate before contacting the dentist for treatment because they’re unsure if the problem they are experiencing is classed as an emergency.

Here are some of the leading reasons why people access emergency dental treatment.

  • Severe dental pain (toothache) – Severe dental pain can be highly distressing and debilitating. If it is ongoing, emergency dental treatment is required.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth – If you have uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, it can be indicative of a range of potential issues and you should make an emergency dental appointment immediately.
  • Broken or loss of a tooth due to accident, trauma or impact injury – If your tooth has fallen out or has been lost due to impact or injury, then emergency dental treatment is required. In some cases, it may be possible to save the tooth.
  • Infection – Any abscess in your mouth is considered a dental emergency. In serious cases of infection, it could possibly be life-threatening. If you are experiencing any swelling in or around your mouth, or your jaw feels knotted, immediately book an emergency appointment.

What if you’re not registered with the dentist?

Many people will visit the dentist for the first time when they have a dental emergency. For many people, it may be the first time they’ve visited the dentist in some time. You don’t have to be currently registered with the dentist to access dental treatment, and we regularly treat new patients for dental emergencies.

If you are experiencing severe dental pain or have another dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

What does emergency treatment involve?

At H Williams we provide an emergency dental service for our clients. If this is your first time visiting the practice we will require you to fill in some administrative forms, medical history and oral health survey.

What our patients say

“The quality of service is excellent and the standard of care is very high. Victoria is so friendly, knowledgeable and an excellent dentist. The staff put me at ease and make me feel very looked after. I am extremely pleased with the surgery.”

– Danielle Carle

“I am a little nervous about visiting the dentists but the staff always put me at ease and are very considerate when administering treatment.”

– Trish Steere

“I saw Amy for the first time. Very impressed. She explained the examination and X-ray findings, and the options for treatment, very clearly, even drawing a diagram. This was very helpful and I haven’t encountered a dentist who did this!”

– Anna Langtry

“I had to have a molar removed but didn’t want a permanent gap. I opted for an implant, the process of which was very professional and slick and went extremely well. The new tooth looks so much better than a gap!”

– Jonathan Curry

“I have always received outstanding care at H Williams & Associates, from booking through to treatment. My two most recent trips were no exception and have been fantastic experiences. Victoria and the nurse Becca instantly put me at ease and I experienced a pain-free treatment with an exceptional result.”

– Hannah W

Don’t suffer in silence

If you’re experiencing dental pain, then the friendly and professional team at H Williams can help. It’s easy to book an appointment online.

Don’t suffer in silence, book an appointment today.

What our patients have to say