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If you’re missing one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or extraction, then dentures may be the solution for you. These dental prosthetics, also known as false teeth or removable dentures, are designed to replace your natural ones, giving you back your smile and confidence.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made oral appliances that serve as replacements for missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. They are typically composed of a base material and artificial teeth. Dentures can be either partial or full, depending on the extent of tooth loss, and can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures work by resting on the gums and holding the artificial teeth in place. Full dentures cover the entire roof of the mouth and rest on the gum ridge, while partial dentures attach to existing teeth with clips or other precision attachments.

Some are removable, meaning you can take them out and put them back in as needed. Others are fixed dentures, meaning they are permanently attached to your jawbone with implants or clips.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The procedure for getting dentures varies depending on the type of denture and the condition of your teeth and gums. Generally, the procedure involves several steps:

1- Consultation: You will meet with your dentist to discuss your needs and expectations, and to choose the type of denture that suits you best. Your dentist will also examine your mouth and take impressions or scans of your teeth and gums. This often requires several visits.

2- Preparation: Depending on the type of denture, some teeth may need to be extracted or some bone reshaped to make room for the denture.

3- Fitting: Once your mouth is ready, your dentist will fit you with a temporary or trial denture to check the fit, function, and appearance. You may need to have some adjustments made until you are satisfied with the result.

4- Delivery: When your final denture is ready, your dentist will place it in your mouth and teach you how to care for it. Some follow-up visits might be needed to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes.

Different Types of Dentures

There are various types of dentures to suit different needs:

  • Full Dentures: These replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw.
  • Partial Dentures: Designed to replace one or more missing teeth while preserving remaining natural teeth.
  • Fixed Dentures: Also known as permanent dentures or denture implants, these are securely attached to dental implants for a stable and long-lasting solution.
  • Flexible Dentures: Made from a flexible material, these provide enhanced comfort and a more natural appearance.
  • Removable Dentures: Can be easily taken out for cleaning and maintenance.

Comfort and Functionality

Modern dentures are designed for comfort. Although it may take some time to adjust to the feeling of wearing dentures, most individuals find them comfortable and adaptable to their daily lives. Properly fitted dentures should not cause pain or discomfort.

Advantages of Dentures

Here are some benefits dentures bring to your life:

  • Improved appearance and self-confidence.
  • Restored ability to chew and speak.
  • Support for facial muscles, preventing a sunken appearance.
  • Cost-effective compared to other tooth replacement options.

Eating and Speaking with Dentures

With some practice, individuals with dentures can eat a wide range of foods and speak clearly. However, it may take time to adjust to speaking and eating with dentures. Chewing softer foods initially and practicing speaking can help ease the transition.

Natural Look of Dentures

Modern dentures look incredibly realistic, making them indistinguishable from natural teeth. Skilled technicians use advanced materials and techniques to craft dentures that blend seamlessly with surrounding tissues.

Candidates for Dentures

Anyone missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease, or extraction may benefit from dentures. While age is often associated with denture wear, younger adults and children may also receive dentures if needed. A thorough evaluation with a denturist determines candidacy for dentures, taking into account individual circumstances and goals.

Why Choose H Williams?

H Williams is a leading denture clinic near you that offers high-quality and affordable dentures for all your needs. Whether you need full dentures, partial dentures, implant-supported dentures, flexible dentures, or single-tooth dentures, we have the best solution for you. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver top-notch results to make sure every patient leaves feeling confident and satisfied. We also provide excellent aftercare and support to help you adjust to your new smile and maintain it for a long time. Don’t wait any longer, call us now and get ready to smile again!

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