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Dental Check-ups

Preventive dentistry is the modern way of reducing the amount of dental treatment necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. The two major causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. When we prevent or deal with these two problems, you have more chance of keeping your teeth for life.

Together with your dentist and hygienist, you can help to prevent the need for treatment, and so avoid the traditional pattern of fillings and extractions. We may recommend a course of treatment to get your mouth into good condition, and a maintenance plan to help you keep it that way.

If you have some of your own teeth, preventive dentistry will benefit you. Even if you don’t, you will still benefit because conditions like mouth cancer and denture stomatitis can be spotted during regular visits to the dentist and then treated. It is excellent for children and young people, and it is never too late to start.


Preventive dentistry starts with regular check-ups. They provide the opportunities to spot problems early, and deal with them before they get worse.

At your dental examination your dentist will first check all the pink parts of your mouth for signs of discomfort or oral cancer.

Your dentist will then assess your teeth and any restorations currently in your mouth. If you need any treatment to achieve a good state of oral health, your dentist will discuss it with you. Then the state of your gums will be checked, and if necessary we will recommended you see the hygienist for a scale and polish or a more in depth clean.

Depending on your dental history your dentist will decide with you the ideal interval for screening using radiographs (X-rays). This will reveal hidden tooth decay, and bone loss through gum disease.

Once your mouth is healthy it is unlikely that decay or gum disease will continue to be a problem. Between check-ups, you can keep your mouth healthy by following our tips for good oral hygiene.

Healthy Clean Teeth

Regular dental check-up is a crucial preventative measure to protect your oral health and deal with potential problems in time. Why? Because prevention is always the better solution. It will save you time and money and prevent further developments of the problems.

What Is a Dental Check-up and Why Is It Necessary?

A dental check-up is a preventive medical procedure that involves examining a patient’s oral health. Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and mouth to make sure there is nothing unusual or potentially problematic that could cause concern. Here are 5 reasons why regular dental check-ups are so beneficial:

  • Early diagnosis of oral health issues
  • Advice on the importance of visiting the hygienist to ensure clean teeth. More and more evidence shows that bacteria lodged on the teeth and gums is linked to systemic I’ll health such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Consultation with your dentist regarding more advanced procedures like cosmetic surgeries
  • Professional advice on maintaining better oral health
  • Saving money by fixing problems before they require more expensive dental work

Keep in mind that even if you brush and floss regularly and thoroughly, a dental check-up is still necessary to maintain your hygiene. A professional dentist not only examines the general health of your teeth and gums, but also keeps a record of any early signs of problems such as dental decay and cavities, gum periodontal disease, dental erosion, and oral cancer.

A Typical Dental Check-up Procedure

When you schedule a dental check-up, it’s important to understand the entire procedure and be prepared to ask relevant questions. Here’s what a typical dental check-up usually includes:

  • Examination of your general and oral health, including a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth
  • Treatments, tests, or x-rays if your dentist feels they are necessary
  • Sharing information about your lifestyle, including advice on diet, smoking, alcohol and teeth cleaning to improve your oral health
  • Scheduling an appointment for your next dental check-up depending on your age, health, and needs.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Check-Up?

The intervals for dental examinations depend on many factors. If you are less likely to have dental problems, you can wait longer to visit the dentist. During this time, however, you must still take good care of your oral health.

As a rule of thumb, you should go for a dental check-up every six months. If you already have dental problems with recurring decay, bleeding gums or ulcers you should see your dentist at least every 3 to 4 months. It’s best to schedule your dental check-up with your dentist and ask them to recommend an appointment for your next visit.

Why Choose H Williams?

At H Williams, we provide comprehensive dental services, including regular dental check-ups to help ensure you have healthy teeth. Our professional dental team will help you set up a treatment plan with world-class dental surgeons and specialists.

Your treatment plan will be completely flexible and customized to your needs and age. Our goal is to provide you with personalized care and make the whole experience less stressful. So don’t hesitate and make an appointment for your next dental check-up! We’re one call away.

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