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Same Day Smile Makeover


Revolutionise your smile in just one day.

At H Williams & Associates we are constantly looking to help our patients achieve their smile dreams.  We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ogo Eze to our team, an expert in cosmetic dentistry, revolutionising smiles in just one day.

Dr. Ogo has transformed countless smiles with precision, ensuring each smile she creates is not just beautiful, but perfectly tailored to suit each individual.

FREE Smile Makeover Consultation

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Discover how your smile goals could be achieved in just one day by booking a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Dr. Ogo today. 

  • All treatment is completed in one day (usually within four hours)
  • Treatment is pain-free, with the option of  a local anaesthetic, simply for your comfort
  • Treatment requires minimal tooth alteration, to preserve your natural teeth. 

What is a Smile Makeover and How Does It Work?


Complimentary Consultation

You will have a free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Ogo. She will assess your smile and you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail the smile you’d like to achieve. She will give you an initial idea of the treatment required, and approximate costs.


Treatment Planning

Agree on a personalised treatment plan and explore financing options if needed.


Treatment Day

Experience your smile transformation with Dr. Ogo`s expert care.  While the average treatment time is 4 hours, this may vary depending on your individual needs.


Enjoy your new smile

Leave our clinic with a radiant, transformative smile.

The treatment is pain-free, but can be carried out under a local anaesthetic for patient comfort.

The treatment provides the maximum smile, whilst limiting damage to your existing teeth.

Smile Showcase

Before and after -- some examples of what can be achieved...

IMG 7179

Introducing Dr. Ogo...

Dr. Ogo Eze offers state of the art bespoke smile makeovers to her clients who travel in from all over the UK and abroad. Using cutting edge technology she transforms smiles. She has mastered enhancement techniques using Composite bonding, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Tooth Whitening and Dental Implants. 

Ogo boasts a uniqueness in her cosmetic dental practice. She has an eye for detail which she largely attributes to her background as an artist. Creating beautiful smiles comes naturally to her… It was always meant to be.

Her clients and her team feel at ease with her relaxed and personable approach.

Ogo focuses on educating her clients on oral health care and she encourages prevention rather than cure. Education has always been a prime focus:

From 2010 to 2012 Ogo became an honorary teacher at King’s College London School of Medicine and Dentistry where she taught final year dental students, Hygienists and Therapists.

Ogo has been an Expert Witness for The General Dental Council UK (since 2010) where she provides reports and attends court hearings for UK dental litigation cases.

In 2008 she was head hunted by the British Dental Association to become a Media Spokeswoman for the UK where she gave advice on dental matters.

Composite veneers versus traditional veneers

Composite veneers and traditional porcelain veneers both offer solutions for enhancing the appearance of teeth, but they have some differences in terms of benefits.

Here are some advantages of composite veneers over traditional veneers:


Now you have your new smile we will help you maintain your perfect smile.

We strongly advise visiting the hygienist and the dentist on a regular basis.

We will advise you on your post-treatment care plan, to ensure you get the best out of your smile investment.