Patient Complaint Code of Practice - H Williams & Associates

Code of practice for patient complaints

Our aim

We always try to ensure you are pleased with our service, and so we take complaints very seriously. If you need to make a complaint about the service we have given you, we will respond positively and promptly to resolve it:

  • positively as it may help us deliver continuing improvement,
  • promptly so that you are unhappy for as short a time as practicable.

Our Practice Manager will administer your complaint, and he/she will be your point of contact in connection with it. We will keep records of your complaint and our handling of it, in accordance with our privacy statement.

How to make your complaint

You can make a complaint at the reception desk, or by telephone, letter or e-mail:

  • Reception desk: Please ask to speak to the Practice Manager.
  • Telephone: Please ring our reception on 01689 823030, and ask to speak to the Practice Manager. If he/she is not available for any reason, you can leave a short summary of your complaint with another member of staff if you are happy to do so. We will arrange for the Practice Manager to call you back at a convenient time.
  • Letter: Please send your complaint to our practice address, marked for the attention of the Practice Manager.
  • E-mail: Please send your complaint to us at, or use our contact form. Your e-mail will be passed to the Practice Manager.

If your complaint is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges we will normally need to speak to the dentist concerned. If you do not want this to happen please tell us when you make your complaint.

The Practice Manager will acknowledge your complaint over the telephone, and in writing together with a copy of this code of practice.


We will investigate your complaint, and endeavour to complete it within 10 working days of receiving it. During this time the Practice Manager may need to contact you for further information or clarification, and may ask to meet with you and your dentist to discuss things.

If we are unable complete the investigation within ten working days, the Practice Manager will notify you, giving reasons for the delay and an estimated completion date.


When we have completed our investigation the Practice Manager will write to you giving details of it and its findings. Depending on individual circumstances, possible outcomes include:

  • repeat treatment, or a different treatment,
  • treatment by a different dentist in our practice,
  • meeting with Heather Williams the practice owner.

In all cases we will attempt to rectify matters to your satisfaction, in a caring and sensitive way. We will also look at how we can prevent the circumstances occurring again.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you may wish to pursue matters through the Dental Complaints Service.

Our Guarantee

H Williams & Associates will guarantee their treatments for a 12 month period. If you sign up to a Practice Payment Plan we will extend this to 24 months.