Dentist Prices

New Patient offer: £110.00

• Smile evaluation
• Full new patient oral examination
• Routine screening bitewing radiographs
• Oral cancer screening
• Gum health assessment
• Digital record taking scan

• Free consultation with the treatment coordinator to discuss any proposed treatment plan and payment plans available.

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Treatment charges for healthy teeth

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
New Patient Check Up includes x-rays£110.00
Check up examination (of an adult)£85.00Included
Check up examination (Under 25)£54.00Included
Check up examination (under 5)£47.00
Specialist Consultation£130.00£125.00
Check up Digital X Ray (each) - We use a new system of taking X-rays, called digital radiography, which reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent.£23.00Included
Check up child's X Ray£15.00Included
Hygienist - classic scale and polish£100.00Included
Hygienist - deluxe scale and polish (including Airflow)£122.00£25.00
Home Whitening with Hygiene/Therapist£295.00£225.00
Teeth Whitening Power Whitening with Hygiene/Therapist£395.00£350.00
Fissure sealantfrom £60.00Included (terms and conditions apply)
Fluoride trays£275.00£224.00
Sports mouth guards£225.00Included (terms and conditions apply)
Dental retainersfrom £250.00from £225.00


Treatment charges for straight teeth

Adult consultation with an Orthodontic Consultant£85.00
Child consultation with an Orthodontic Consultant£50
Itero scan, notes and Panoral X-Ray£130
Stainless steel fixed single arch from£2500
Invisalign Lite from£2995
Invisalign Comprehensive from£2995
Ceramic fixed braces upper and lower arches from£4250
Fixed bond retainer£275
Removable retainers  one£150
Removable retainers  two£275
Removable braces£1500
Functional braces£2000
Orthodontic Teeth Cleaning£90


Treatment charges for tooth repair

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Fillings from£250.00£207.60
Extractions from£275.00
10% disc
Root canal treatment from£615.00
Root canal treatment Molar from£715.00
Crowns gold / bonded from£995.0010% disc


Treatment charges for tooth replacement

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Bridge (per unit) from£950.0010% disc
Dentures full from£1950.0010% disc
Dentures full upper or lower from£995.0010% disc
Dentures immediate temporary from£650.0010% disc
Dentures partial upper or lower from£900.00£810.00
Dentures chrome from£1995.0010% disc
Dental implants consultationFreeFree
Itero Scan, notes and panoramic X-Ray£130.00£130.00
Single implant from£3200.00£3200.00


Treatment charges for keeping healthy gums

Gum disease Specialist Consultation£130.00
Gum disease Specialist Perio Treatment from£295.00


Charges for other treatment

Dental Emergency from£125.00
CBCT Scan£200.00
Sedation£400.00 per 60 minutes


Charges for Facial Aesthetics

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Single Area£195£195
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Two Areas£250£250
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Three Areas£300£300

Patient Voices

I couldn’t have been happier with your surgery and facilities when I came last month – in fact it was the best mornings out I’d had since lockdown began!!! Thank you ALL for being the best Dental Surgery I have ever known!!!
And best wishes to each and every one of you,
Evelyn Snare

ES 08/2020