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A new sense of health and well being?
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Teeth polishing and cleaning with Airflow:

Immediate results for a brighter smile

It quickly removes stain and instantly gives you a brighter smile

It easily & gently removes plaque and bacteria keeping your mouth fresher for longer


Are you looking forward to:

✓ Having a renewed confidence in your smile?

✓ Having restored oral health and a new sense of health and well-being?

✓ Enjoying eating more easily?


Regular hygienist visits will help you to achieve this

The Union of Body and Mouth


Effective oral healthcare is essential to continued general health and well-being at every stage of life. A healthy mouth enables not only nutrition for the body, but also enhances social and mental well-being and promotes self-esteem. The health of the mouth can give early indications of general health disorders.

Mouth conditions have an impact on overall health and disease with mouth bacteria able to cause infection in other parts of the body when the immune system has been affected by disease or medical treatments. General health conditions and their treatment are also known to impact on oral health causing side effects such as reduced saliva flow and changes in the natural balance of the mouth. Though the link between oral conditions such as gum disease and other medical conditions are still not fully understood, it is clear that major body conditions like cancer and heart disease share common risk factors with gum disease.

For more information please read our blog: The Link Between Body and Mouth


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What our customers have to say

Having had the Zoom whitening treatment, I love the way that my teeth look so white and healthy and I take every opportunity to smile now.

AR (December 2019)

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of the ‘At Home Zoom Whitening’. So easy to use and the results are great. Many thanks to Chris Prange for suggesting this.

FJ (June 2013)

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