Private Doctors frequently asked questions

Whether you have an urgent medical concern, need a routine check-up, or simply want to stay on top of your health, our private GP practice offers expert care and allows you to be in control.

A: We provide primary care services, like your NHS GP, but we charge a fee to see a doctor. Our appointments last for up to 30minutes, allowing more time to explore patient’s ideas and concerns, and also more time for discussion about treatment etc

A: Absolutely, we strongly recommend you remain registered with an NHS GP, as we do not provide any out of hours services. There are some services such as monitoring of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD, heart and circulatory disease which are best looked after by the specialist teams within your NHS services.

A: We are always happy to pass a copy of our consultations to your GP at your request. We will do this to optimise and facilitate ongoing care with them, especially if our consultation has brought important findings to light. Seeing a private GP does not in any way affect or prejudice the care provided by your NHS GP.

A: Yes, we can refer for many different types of tests like ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI scans etc. However, these tests can only be requested from a private provider, we cannot refer you for any NHS investigations, and there is therefore a fee payable to the centre performing the test.

We can make referrals to private specialists, but we cannot refer you to see a specialist within the NHS.

We can perform many blood and urine tests on site; samples are sent to an approved provider by courier for analysis, and results are usually available within a few days, depending on the type of test. One of our doctors will then call you to discuss the results and next steps, and we are always happy to provide you with a copy of any test results.

A: Yes. This list is not exhaustive, but at this surgery we do not provide childhood immunisations, joint injections or aspirations, emergency treatment such as stitching of wounds, contraceptive coil insertion or removal, contraceptive cap fitting, or yellow fever vaccination. We are happy to discuss concerns about drug and alcohol dependence, but we do not provide drug or alcohol detoxification treatments. We do not prescribe controlled medicines such as ADHD tablets, opiates, or other drugs with potential for addiction. We also do not provide medical check-ups for taxi/Uber applications or fostering and adoption medicals as these require review of your full NHS medical records.

5 reasons to choose us

1. Longer appointments with an experienced GP

Get the face-to-face time you need to discuss whatever is worrying you, with a highly qualified and compassionate GP. Our consultations last up to 30 minutes so, together, we can explore your ideas, concerns and expectations in an unhurried setting.

2. Fast and flexible booking

You get to choose when to see us. Same-day appointment? No problem. Prefer to book ahead at a time that suits you? You can do that too. Just use our online booking system or give our friendly Reception Team a call. It’s that simple!

3. Help with all your health concerns

We offer a full range of GP services. In other words, if your NHS surgery can do it, then it’s highly likely that we can do it, too. On top of that, we provide full-body screenings to help you take a proactive approach to your wellbeing.

4. Appointments for all

You can stay registered with your NHS doctor whether you choose to visit us once in a while or more regularly.

5. Affordable prices

Last but not least, our in-person GP consultations cost just £75. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices lower than our competitors, so that nothing needs to stand in your way of getting the care you deserve.