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Depression and Anxiety

We can help if you feel stressed or anxious

Our GPs understand that many people feel stressed and anxious. Some people have constant underlying worries that make them feel down, others feel they have a grey cloud hanging over them. Others feel too tired to get up or too tired to go out of their house.

Our kind and understanding doctors have the time to listen, they will take your concerns seriously. They will be able to offer advice and (where appropriate) medication to help you manage.

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  • Depression

    Depression can affect anyone, but it can often be difficult to recognise. Anyone can be affected by depression, but certain things can put you at a greater risk for developing it. Young adults who are stressed, anxious, or who feel isolated may be more likely to develop depression. Depression is a mental health disorder, and effective treatment can help prevent or lessen symptoms.

    Some symptoms that you may experience while suffering from depression are feeling down or hopeless and/or having lost interest in your usual activities. Depression affects people differently but can include any combination of these other indicators such as
    -feeling tired (fatigued), lackadaisical about work/schoolwork; not enjoying hobbies etc., which leads one to have less energy than before.

    The types of treatment for depression are many and varied. Your doctor will help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry about the future. It often occurs when we face something difficult, but it can also stay with us for an extended period if our anxiety becomes severe enough that life interference begins to occur in everyday tasks like going out on interviews and presentations at work – which then leads into mental health issues because there’s no room left over from focusing solely towards performing well during these times instead being overcome by fear leading one away form success.

    Anxiety is a very common problem, and it can have many different causes. You might become anxious if you feel that your life isn’t in control of the future; afraid to fail or embarrassed about something that could go wrong for you at any moment – even physical symptoms like feeling sick with worry.

    Your doctor might diagnose you with a particular type of anxiety disorder.

Our Doctors team

  • Advanced Nurse Practioner

    Caroline Wynne-Jones

    RN MSc BA(Hons) Dip CC NMP

    Caroline is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the NHS.

    Caroline specializes in providing travel vaccinations, child and adult immunizations, medical health checks, blood tests, wound management, contraceptive implants, ECG’s, minor skin surgery.

  • Dietitian

    Lucy Diamond

    BSc RD.

    Lucy is our caring and experienced nutritionist.