Are You Too Old to Get Invisalign? Let’s Find Out!

Are You Too Old to Get Invisalign? Let’s Find Out!

Many people do not recognise the importance of a regular dental checkup until they experience tooth pain and gum problems. There is also a misconception that you can’t fix a crooked tooth after a certain age. You might also be wondering if you’re too old for dental treatment, such as Invisalign.

It is important to note that every patient may respond differently to dental treatment. They may require different procedures based on what they are experiencing with their oral health. Reliable dentists in Orpington can provide you with the right information about the different dental treatments.

What Makes Adults Better Patients for Dental Treatment?

Dental professionals agree that adults are better patients than teens because of the following reasons:

  • They are more health-conscious
  • They put emphasis and remember their motivation
  • They listen to the dentist’s advice
  • They practice better dental hygiene

If you’re an adult who’s worrying that it will be risky to undergo a dental procedure, then you should change that perception. Imagine yourself hiding your smile every time you face the camera for a photoshoot. How long will you deprive yourself of giving that wide, sweet smile to everyone? If you’re worried about your crooked teeth, then Invisalign will help you with that. Do not be afraid that it won’t work for you, because you can be more motivated to wear it the whole day.

Additional tips to achieve an excellent oral health

No matter how young or old you are, it is crucial to practice good oral health habits. Listed below are some of the effective tips you should consider:

Never take oral health for granted

As adults, you should know by now that oral health should not be taken for granted. Know that cavities can form between crowded teeth. That is why if you have crooked teeth, you should do something on how they can be fixed. There are several consequences that crooked teeth can bring to you. Plaque may accumulate between crooked teeth that are not reached by your toothbrush bristles. Eventually, plaque can get worse, and tooth decay may develop. When left neglected, plaque can also become tartar which is more difficult to remove. 

Your dentist will advise you to have Invisalign because it helps straighten your teeth. Of course, the plaque from your teeth and gums will be removed as well.

Ask your dentist how to wear Invisalign braces properly

Once you’ve decided to get Invisalign, make sure to follow your dentist’s advice on wearing them. Normally, you need to wear those 20-22 hours each day. This is important to keep the teeth in place as planned recommended by dentists. Keep in mind that Invisalign braces will only work in fixing your crooked teeth as long as you’re wearing the aligners.

Of course, you can remove them when you drink, eat, floss and brush. But if you want to achieve faster and effective results, you have to consistently wear them for long hours each day.

Adults follow instructions more efficiently; that’s why they are better candidates to have Invisalign.

Practice better oral hygiene despite your busy schedules

Compared to teenagers, adults should be more disciplined to brush their teeth regularly. If you’re a busy working professional, make sure not to forget proper oral health. Visit your dentist regularly and ensure to follow his/her recommendations. If you’re dealing with an Invisalign treatment, additional oral care is needed. 


It’s never too late to achieve and maintain your dream smile! With today’s breakthroughs in taking care of our overall health, you can always have the chance to feel and look better. There is nothing wrong if you want to fix crooked teeth or have a brighter smile. Invisalign, for instance, will help improve your smile and enhance your oral health. And for the record, you are never too old to wear Invisalign!

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