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  • October 05 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    The Leaders Council

    For The Leaders, Risk Takers, And Those Who Empower Others The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sets out to notice business professionals who make a difference. It’s for the unsung heroes of the work world who have taken risks, empower others, and accept nothing but the best from themselves. The Leaders Council…

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  • August 12 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    4 Food Items You Must Avoid to Maintain White Teeth

    Just because you have recently whitened your teeth does not mean you should subject your teeth to all kinds of food. Some foods will stain your teeth, turn them back to the state they were in before the whitening process. Teeth whitening is no cheap procedure by any means; neither is it permanent. To protect…

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  • August 05 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    The Importance of Going for Regular Dental Checkups

    From a very early age, you have been told that you should take care of your teeth, and going for a dental checkup regularly is one of the things that you can do to ensure good oral health. But, really, when did you last visit a dental clinic? If you couldn’t remember the date, the…

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