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The Leaders Council

For The Leaders, Risk Takers, And Those Who Empower Others

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sets out to notice business professionals who make a difference. It’s for the unsung heroes of the work world who have taken risks, empower others, and accept nothing but the best from themselves.

The Leaders Council is chaired by Lord Blunkett, who is the former Home Secretary and Education Secretary. The responsibility of each member, new and old, is to ensure a high standard of practice, as well as ensure that their knowledge is passed on to the younger generations.


The Charter Of Principles

Each member of The Leaders Council holds themselves to the highest regard. In the face of difficult times, these leaders have shown resilience and continue to operate by following the Charter of Principles.

The Charter states that each member must treat everyone with the utmost respect. Customers, clients, and colleagues all must be treated fairly and kindly, while also ensuring that they are all kept safe.

They must also make the effort to work with organisations and individuals of repute. Whenever possible each Council member must ensure that they are having a positive social and environmental impact.

Lastly, members need not be selfish in their approach. Working for the benefit of their country, and their colleagues is essential.


Introducing New Member Heather Williams

Heather Williams is a Dental Surgeon and Dental Practice owner at H Williams & Associated Dental Care. Heather brings with her 30 years of clinical experience as well as 24 years of Senior Management Experience.

She has owned her practice since 1997, and has overall control of the practice. This means that she is in control of Management, Risk Management, Finance, Communication, Planning and Vision.Heather is also a member of the Faculty of General Practitioners, and The Fluoride Society. Her passion lies in reducing tooth decay in children.

On top of her already impressive resume, Heather is a founding trustee of the Chislehurst Youth for Christ. This is a youth project that focuses on impacting the lives of young people. She has also chaired the Bromley Local Dental Committee, representing the committee on both a local and on a national level.

She has a degree in Dental Surgery, which she earned while studying at King’s College in London.


A Perfect Fit For The Leaders Council

Leaders Council members are committed to a code of conduct with focuses on high standards. It is safe to say that Heather has a proven dedication to her craft, and has worked tirelessly over the past three decades, sharing her knowledge with others.
Based on the Leaders Council’s Charter of Principles, it is safe to say that the addition of Heather Williams is a perfect fit.