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Dental bridges

What are dental bridges?

A bridge is made in a laboratory the same as a crown, but it has the benefit of having a false tooth fused to the crown in order to fill one or more spaces.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

  • improved smile with a natural appearance,
  • no gaps means easier eating and talking,
  • a good alternative to a partial denture or dental implant.

Fixed, Maryland and cantilever bridges

There are three main types of dental bridges:

  • Fixed bridge – a false tooth made from porcelain is fused between two porcelain crowns. The porcelain crowns are placed on the neighbouring teeth or implants. These bridges are fixed.
  • Maryland bridge – these bridges are used when the gap is in the front of the mouth or the supporting teeth are healthy. The false tooth is fused to metal bands which are used to fix to the healthy neighbouring teeth.
  • Cantilever bridge – these are generally used in the lower front area and are fixed to only one tooth. Like the Maryland the false porcelain tooth is fused to a metal wing.

How long will dental bridges last?

Generally bridges can last 10 to 15 years, provided your neighbouring teeth remain sound and you maintain good oral health.