Understanding Dental Pain: Common Causes of Toothaches

Understanding Dental Pain: The Most Common Causes of Toothaches

Toothaches are one of the most painful things that a person may experience. Ask anyone you know, and all of them would answer the very same thing; none of them would want to experience toothaches ever again! So is it any wonder why everyone’s always brushing their teeth? It’s because they want to avoid cavities—which in turn may cause toothaches in the long run.

Indeed, brushing your teeth may prevent toothaches; however, there are some cases in which random pain may still manifest despite the utmost care given to one’s teeth. While it is easy to assume about the various possible causes of toothaches, there are actually a couple of actual causes that may trigger them randomly. 

The following are just some of the most common examples.

1. Gum Problems

There are some cases in which a gum infection may extend towards your teeth, thus causing a random offset of toothache. If you happen to brush your teeth too hard, the chances are that you may bruise your gums in the process.  A gum that is cut open may get infected if not tended to immediately—so make sure to visit your dentist at the first sign of pain.

Avail a set of soft toothbrushes if you’re not commendable to lighten down on your brushing routine.

2. Cracked Teeth

Just because you are brushing your teeth every day doesn’t mean that you should subject it to very hard food and snacks. There is a big chance that they may get cracked, leaving you in extreme pain. 

Avoid the regular intake of snacks that may cause your teeth harm. Softer food, such as bread and fruits, are a top choice—but when it comes to candies and nuts, you may have to consider crushing them first with a utensil instead of trying to grind them with your teeth.

3. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs due to a lack of teeth care and maintenance. This only means that you aren’t brushing your teeth well enough to be protected from cavities. Once the cavities spread and reach the innermost nerves of your teeth, they may trigger your toothache! 

Consult a dentist if you think that the cavities had reached too far into your dental nerves.

4. Irritated Sinuses

This is one of the main indicators that the different parts of our bodies, even those which you wouldn’t expect to be interconnected at all, are intertwined by our nerves. An inflamed sinus left untreated can actually trigger a toothache, causing your pain receptors close to your jaw to act up. No worries, though, as it would subside right after your sinus is healed.

5. Teeth Grinding

Aside from eating snacks that are tough on your teeth, your mannerism of grinding your teeth may also cause cracks and chips on them. Do your best to snap out of this mannerism to maintain the overall integrity of your teeth.


A sudden occurrence of a toothache may have different triggers and causes. Just because you are regularly brushing your teeth doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be subjected to other external factors that may affect them! If you happen to experience the very same thing, be attentive, traceback on what their possible causes may be, and consult the help of a dentist if the pain would last longer than a few days.

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