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Our dental practice in PettsWood

Video transcript

Heather (dentist): “The practice itself has been here since the 1940’s. When they come through the door we try to make them feel relaxed and calm. We put patients first at all times, which means that we recognise that everyone’s different.”

Chris (dentist): “We have very much a family spirited practice within the local area.”

Melanie (patient): “I have been coming to this practice since I was very little.”

Frances (patient): “My family, which consists of myself, my husband and two daughters all came to this practice.”

Heather (dentist): “When a patient comes, they have an examination with one of us, and normally we would take radiographs on the first visit.”

Chris (dentist): “We will be explaining everything as we go along with details.”

Heather (dentist): “We would maybe work out one or two treatment plans, and offer these to the patient so they have a choice.”

Frances (patient): “When I started coming to this practice, my gums were not brilliant, and over the years I’ve been taught by coming regularly to the hygienist how to look after them.”

Heather (dentist): “We offer implants to patients so that if at all possible they can avoid having a denture.”

Chris (dentist): “Obviously patients coming in with toothache, we like to help them, through to complex cases – any amount of crown and bridge work and veneers.”

Heather (dentist): “We have on offer two types of tooth whitening. One is tray whitening with Enlighten where people whiten their teeth using the gel at home.”

Melanie (patient): “I didn’t actually think my teeth were a wrong colour until I started whitening.”

Heather (dentist): “The other is Zoom whitening where you can come in and have your teeth whitened by being in the chair.”

Melanie (patient): “The number of people that have noticed, it’s been brilliant. Its sort of – really it has made a difference.”

Ray (patient): “Whatever help I need, it’s at the end of the phone.”

Frances (patient): “They always ring you before your appointment, normally the day before.”

Heather (dentist): “Our opening hours are from 8 in the morning, and we have late nights till 8 in the evening, and we offer Saturday mornings.”

Melanie (patient): “They let me come in sort of quite early in the morning once, to have – to start the treatment off so I could then get in to work after it had been done.”

Chris (dentist): “We love seeing children here at the practice, its a family practice, we get lots of children, and it’s great fun.”

Georgina (general dentist and implantologist): “It’s lovely when you get people coming back, we see little kids grow up and get used to the same faces, so it’s really nice, that what we get our rewards from.”

Melanie (patient): “I’d have no hesitation in recommending it at all.”

Frances (patient): “It’s a very friendly, warm environment.”

Ray (patient): “I think above all, they’ve got a high standard of professionalism, there’s no doubt, and that’s why we return.”

Heather (dentist): “Seeing how patients change, and seeing their mouths become healthy and have a beautiful smile, that’s what makes it so worth while coming to work – I love it.”