Sedation Dentistry 101: How Does This Benefit You?

Sedation Dentistry 101: How Does This Benefit You?

People of all ages always have some sort of fear associated when going to the dentist, leading to fewer dental visits and a greater decline in oral health when problems are left untreated. Pain is often the fear of many when it comes to dentist visits, but fortunately, one can eliminate pain through sedation dentistry. 

Sedation dentistry allows even the most uncomfortable person to overcome their anxiety and fear. Besides that, there are varying levels of sedation, allowing the doctors to provide exactly what the patient needs during this time. This can be done through oral sedation, inhaled sedation, IV sedation, or general anaesthesia.

If you’re curious about how sedation dentistry can help you, read on. Below are the benefits you get from getting sedation dentistry that you should consider. Trust us — visits to the dentist will be more comfortable than ever before!

Benefit #1: Eases Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of sedation dentistry is that it provides anxiety relief even to the most nervous patients. With sedation dentistry, you’re allowing the patient to go through the dental procedures comfortably.

You should take note that, although some patients experience pre-procedure anxiety, many can also feel overwhelmed with fear during the procedure itself. For this reason, it’s best to get sedation dentistry so you can receive the care you need without being distracted by fear. 

Benefit #2: Anterograde Amnesia

Although amnesia is a result that many people don’t desire, when it comes to sedation dentistry, it’s what can help the situation. Dentist phobias root from unpleasant experiences during childhood, and the fear eventually grows through each visit. 

With that being said, when you go through sedation dentistry, you prevent the additional build-up of the phobia, reducing your fear and preventing the creation of new memories. 

Benefit #3: Reduces Gag Reflex

Generally, having a gag reflex is a good thing as it expels intrusive foreign objects. But if the patient is aware while the dentist is working on a procedure, a gag reflex can be an interference. 

Gag reflexes or spasms can lead to damage, depending on what procedure your dentist is doing. Thankfully, sedation dentistry can paralyze this phenomenon, allowing your dentist to work faster and efficiently, all while ensuring your comfort and zero pain. 

Benefit #4: Your Dentist Can Work Faster and Efficiently

When you’re under the influence of sedatives and anaesthetics, you won’t be squirming on the chair while your dentist gets work done. 

Through sedation dentistry, dental practitioners can work efficiently and quickly since they don’t have to worry about your reaction during the procedure. With that being said, sedation also limits the time you have to spend in recovery because the procedure was correctly done without any issues. 

The Bottom Line: Am I a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

If you catch yourself putting off much-needed dental work or if the thought of going to the dentist sends shivers down your spine, you’re most likely the perfect candidate for sedation dentistry. Change the way you perceive dental visits and get the care that you need while sitting comfortably on your dentist’s chair, thanks to sedation dentistry.

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