The Importance of Brushing your Children’s Teeth

The Importance of Brushing your Children’s Teeth

During the covid-19 lockdown a lot of children (and adults) have wondered and argued “what’s the point of getting dressed and brushing my teeth, when you’re not going to be seeing anyone else?”  well, the answer is, continuity, a feeling positivity, routine keeps the mind healthy and quite frankly your morning breathe stinks!

Children can suffer with pain and sensitivity in their mouths from the ever changing anatomy that’s happening, please be mindful of this, when attempting to brush your childs teeth. They may also be stubborn and testing your patience.

The concept of cavities, gum disease, bad breath aren’t enough to incentivise a child so here are some ideas to help you (age dependant):

  • Keep bedtime routines the same
  • Get up and get ready for school and work as normal
  • Brushing your teeth, wakes you up, makes you feel alive, tells your brain its time to face the world.
  • Let your child brush your teeth, trust is 2 way thing.
  • Sit on the floor with your legs in a V, lay your child down looking up at you, head between your legs, this way you will be more gentle than attacking from the front.
  • Have fun with disclosing tablets
  • Encouraging spitting out toothpaste, no rinsing after.
  • Don’t offer sweets as a reward, be inventive – finishing a puzzle together, read a book, play charades, sticker charts, token jar.
  • Try explaining you wouldn’t wear dirty clothes or have dirty hair, so why have dirty teeth?
  • Learn a brushing your teeth song.

While it may be tempting to give up brushing baby / childrens teeth altogether, remember that this is an important part of habit formation that will serve their lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.