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Dental care for children

We are a family friendly practice, and are sensitive to the particular needs of our younger patients. Children face different risks to their teeth, and with our care we can help them reach adulthood with beautiful healthy smiles:

  • Tooth decay risk is increased by consuming sugary sweets and carbonated drinks frequently. We can advise on dental hygiene, diet, and preventive treatments such as fluoride and fissure sealing to reduce this risk.
  • Second teeth may not come through as well as they might. Our orthodontist will be able to advise on the best way to improve the smile and function of your child’s mouth. Sometimes starting orthodontic treatment at an early age can make the desired outcome easier to attain. We can arrange for an orthodontic assessment when the time arises (this is free under Denplan’s Plan for Children).
  • Contact sports can lead to dental injuries. We can provide custom made mouth guards to protect your child’s teeth (and they can even be in the team colours!)
  • Children can be more scared of the dentist than adults, as it can seem much less familiar to them. We take special care to keep them at their ease, and encourage them to ask questions about their dental health and care.

We will give just as much time and attention to children as with adults. At each appointment we check to see if any teeth have gone off to see the tooth fairy, if any decay is taking place (which we hope not), and how effective brushing is (which we can check using a special disclosing solution which reveals any plaque that remains after brushing).


We are able to satisfy most children’s dental care needs within our practice, and often can see all family members at the same visit.

Where we can we will offer after school appointments.

The practice is buggy friendly, and we have a small play area for younger children.

What does it cost?

You can either pay for your child’s checkups and treatments as they arise, or you can use Denplan’s Plan for Children which will help spread the cost from £5 per month. Talk to us so that we can discuss which might suit you best.