• May 24 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    Are You Too Old to Get Invisalign? Let’s Find Out!

    Many people do not recognise the importance of a regular dental checkup until they experience tooth pain and gum problems. There is also a misconception that you can’t fix a crooked tooth after a certain age. You might also be wondering if you’re too old for dental treatment, such as Invisalign. It is important to…

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  • May 10 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    4 Signs & Symptoms That Tell You to Visit Your Doctor – Part 1

    With all that is happening around the world today, every symptom that a person feels can make them anxious. Unlike how it was a couple of years ago when you could easily walk in for private health checks, the mere thought of going to a health facility, where the risk of getting infected by the…

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  • May 03 By H. Willams Dental Practice

    5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Dental Procedure

    Dental procedures can be anything from dental implants to intensive surgery, both of which aim to correct problems and improve overall oral health. No matter what dental procedure you have to take, you will want to ensure you have the highest chance of success. This includes a successful procedure itself, not to mention the recovery…

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